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Acne & Rash (testimonial)

I really enjoyed my sessions here with Vanessa. I had extreme itchiness all over my body and wanted to resolve it as soon as possible. It was my first time having an acupuncture session so I was a bit nervous but Vanessa and Josie gave me more information to make me feel comfortable.

The Chinese medicine and the sessions I had with Vanessa really reduced my rashes and improved other areas of my health such as stress-levels. I was surprised that I saw a dramatic decrease of my symptoms within 2 weeks of the initial session.
The office is quite small but very clean and cozy. They play relaxing, meditation music during the session.

Healing with Zen offers a truly deep healing experience utilizing traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbs.  With a practice that emphasizes restoring balance to the body, one may notice other health benefits that are not necessarily associated with the initial complaints one may take acupuncture for.  For me, acupuncture not only helped cleared my face of cystic acne; but I also saw other medical benefits including healthier digestion and better sleep quality.  –  Linda S. – 4/1/2018 – Yelp Review #32


Healing with Zen | Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies


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