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Acne, the Chinese Medicine Interpretation
Having trouble keeping your skin clear? Learn how Chinese Medicine interperpates acne and how Acupuncturists treat acne with acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Andrographis Complex – Immune System Boost
Are you regularly stressed or anxious and feel that your immune and respiratory systems need support? Learn how Andrographis Complex can give you a boost!
Veterinary Acupuncture- Acupuncture for Your Best Friend!
The use of acupuncture for animals has been practiced in China for thousands of years and U.S. veterinary clinics are catching on! Learn more about how your pet could benefit from acupuncture.
The At Home Tone-Up: Facial Gua Sha (Part 2)
Join Dermatologist Specialist, Vanessa M Ho, L.A as we dive into the at home techniques of the Gua Sha tool to slim down and de-puff the face, improve blood circulation and elasticity, improve lymphatic drainage, and ultimately revitalize the skin.
The At-Home Tone-Up: Facial Gua Sha (Part 1)
Dermatologist Specialist, Vanessa M Ho, L.Ac. demonstrates the proper technique when using a Gua Sha tool at home for Facial Rejuvenation. Join us on this series where we explain the benefits of this at-home practice!
Product of the Month: Boswellia Complex- for Healthy Joints!
Lean how to support your joints with this inflammatory supplement from Standard Process!