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Breathe Deep: Asthma, COPD, and Acupuncture
From asthma to hay fever, COPD to emphysema, it seems that everyone these days has some issues with their lungs. And if your lungs aren’t working properly, you’re going to feel miserable no matter what you had planned. Learn how acupuncture can help!
Tinnitus & Hearing Loss
Tinnitus and hearing loss can be a serious problem. Zen Tuan of Healing with Zen gives a case study from her personal files, and explains how treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs cleared the ringing in a patient's ears that had plagued him for over a decade.
Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy
Sometimes, starting a family can be easy. Sometimes, it can be very difficult. For all points along this spectrum, acupuncture can be of great assistance.
Treating Hair Loss with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hair loss may be a fact of life but the effects of hair loss at almost any age – especially young women and men – can be traumatic. For anyone experiencing hair loss, especially hair loss due to stress or poor diet, Chinese medicine and acupuncture may be the way out.
Echinacea, The Immunity Powerhouse
Echinacea has been known for centuries to give the immune system a boost and give added protection to the upper respiratory tract – a fine ally to have in your corner as we come out of flu season and run right into allergy season.
Acupuncture and Herbs Outperform Hormones for Menstrual Irregularity
A new study suggests that a treatment of acupuncture and custom herbs offer greater relief from menstrual irregularity than conventional hormonal treatments.