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Boosting Kidney Function Through Herbs
The kidneys are incredibly important fo the natural process of aging but also the health of many other organs. There are several herbs that can assist.
The Kidney-Youth Connection: Western Perspective
There is scientific knowledge to back Kidneys governing the bones as well as being the driving force for health in the aging process. Poor Kidney function leads to low calcitrol levels, which are responsible for weak bone density.
The Kidney/Youth Connection: Eastern Perspective
The Kidneys are the gateway to youth according to Chinese Medicine. There are Chinese Medicine perspectives as well as Western Research backing this statement. In today’s blog post, we will be taking a deep dive into both sides of the connection between Kidneys and the aging process.
Look to the Ear when Struggling with Addiction
Addiction and withdrawal symptoms can be powerfully treated with acupuncture due to acupuncture’s close relationship with the nervous system.
Ear Seeds: Not Just for Decoration!
Ear seeds are stickers that contain a plant seed, a metal bead, or a small needle that can be stuck on the ear and kept in place for up to 5 days at a time in order to encourage the activation of certain ear acupuncture points.
Purification: The Perfect New Year’s Resolution
With the upcoming New Year’s comes New Year's Resolutions. Whether your resolution is to lose weight, get a fresh start or work on your health goals, our purification program can help you improve your start into 2019.