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What Traditional Chinese Medicine Says About Detox
Do you know what's in your body? Learn the signs of toxin buildup and what you should be doing to address it.
Improve Focus and Boost Brain Power with Traditional Chinese Medicine
As back-to-school time rolls around, both kids and parents need a boost in brain power to stay on top of busy schedules. Traditional Chinese medicine offers some strategies to stay focused.
Can Acupuncture Help Treat Psoriasis?
Struggling with psoriasis? Learn how acupuncture treatments have been shown to help with psoriasis and other autoimmune conditions.
Acupuncture 101: Everything You Need to Know
Curious about how acupuncture works or what it can do? Read this post for all the basics on how acupuncture can benefit you.
Learn How Acupressure Can Help with Breastfeeding
In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, here are a couple acupressure points that can help support breastfeeding and milk supply.
Skin Health Supplements
Summer UV rays can damage and age your skin. You probably protect yourself from the outside with a high SPF sunscreen, but are you protecting your skin from the inside? These whole food supplements by Standard Process can help you promote skin recovery and slow the effects of aging.