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5 Travel Tips Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
For many families, July means summer vacation plans are in full swing. Keep health-related stress out of your holidays with these five travel tips based on traditional Chinese medicine.
Video: How Can Acupuncture Help with Neck and Shoulder Pain?
Check out the first video in our new monthly video series! This month features Katherine McCune, L.Ac. giving a primer on how acupuncture can help resolve chronic neck and shoulder pain.
Product of the Month: General Health Daily Fundamentals
Always on the go? Try our super-convenient daily supplement packs, made by Standard Process. One pack has all you need for the day.
Seasonal Recipe: Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad
Want to switch up your weeknight dinners while getting healthy? Try this easy, acupuncturist-approved strawberry spinach salad recipe. Summer is the perfect time to be eating cooling fruits like strawberries.
Acupuncture Offers Natural Menstrual Pain Relief
Stop popping pills to ease painful periods: this study shows acupuncture outperforms ibuprofen for menstrual pain. Researchers found acupuncture had a 96.8% total effective rate for treatment of menstrual cramping.
FAQs About Herbal Therapy, Answered
Curious about the benefits of herbal therapy? Learn more about how herbs work, what forms they can take, and how you can help improve your health by trying herbal medicine.