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New Products from Host Defense!
Learn more about naturally boosting your immune system with our new Host Defense mushroom products.
Try Traditional Chinese Medicine for Natural IBS Treatment
Studies suggest that the herbal remedies in traditional Chinese medicine can lead to improvement in IBS symptoms. Use a natural IBS treatment for a tailored whole body approach to health that eases pain and discomfort with customized herbal formulas and other traditional Chinese medicine modalities.
Study Shows Success of Acupuncture for Fertility
Did you know April 23-29 is National Infertility Awareness Week? For a proven, safe, and holistic approach to improving fertility, add acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to your treatment plan.
Important Insurance News from Healing with Zen!
Healing with Zen is now an in-network acupuncture provider for Blue Shield of California! To find out more about checking your coverage, click through to the full post.
Announcement: Zen is Back and New Office Manager
Zen is back from her maternity leave! Read more for details on her return and to meet our new office manager, Lexine.
Auricular Acupuncture for Addiction
When combined with other forms of treatment, such as individual therapy, group counseling, and support groups, Acupuncture can benefit those suffering from a substance addiction.