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Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture + Herbs
Acupuncture with herbs outperforms ibuprofen for the relief of acute lower back pain!
Acupressure Your Way To A Clearer Day!
Today, we will be covering three important acupressure points that help alleviate those pesky symptoms so that you can go about your day with more freedom!
Herbs to Boost the Immune System and Lung Function
It is important to boost your immune system so it has a better chance of fighting off viruses that commonly circulate during the winter months. Chinese Herbal Medicine powerfully strengthens the body’s natural defenses with long term use while also helping reduce symptoms that can come from the common cold and allergies.
Seasonal Allergies in the Springtime
Allergies are not all one and the same. According to Chinese Medicine, allergies can come from deficiencies in several organs including the Liver and Lungs.
Dry Skin From Within
Dry Skin. Why is it that there isn't enough moisturizer to keep our skin from dryness during the winter season? Chinese Medicine views the body as a whole and moisturized skin really starts from within.
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