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10 Facts about Acupuncture
Curious about Acupuncture? Here are 10 facts about Acupuncture that you did not know.
Walnuts in Chinese Medicine
Food is a useful tool in traditional Chinese medicine. Typically, walnuts are used to treat pain and weakness in the knees and back, aid in digestion, and relieve asthma. Recent evidence suggests walnuts may play a role in lowering blood cholesterol levels, thus reducing the incidence of some forms of heart disease.
Benefits of Rebounding
Rebounding is a great exercise that makes you feel like a kid again. These mini trampolines do much more than provide a fun way to exercise. The jumping motion is easy on joints and stimulates lymphatic circulation, which cleanses the body of impurities and toxins.
Acupuncture to Stop Smoking
Are you interested in quitting smoking? Did you know acupuncture can help you quit? There is a protocol in Acupuncture to quit smoking, it is called NADA protocol. It was developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Click here to learn more.
Chia Seed Pudding Recipe
Chia seed pudding is an easy and quick snack or breakfast option that is packed with calcium and omega-3. Click here to learn more about this quick and healthy recipe option.
Acupuncture for Infertility
Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years to increases chances of pregnancy. Learn how Acupuncture can address infertility.