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Healing Modalities: Common Areas to Gua Sha
The areas that are treated with Gua Sha differs depending on the symptom that the practitioner is treating. Gua Sha can help treat aches and pains throughout the body, but it has also been used for thousands of years for conditions such as headaches, cough, the common cold, flu, allergies, PMS symptoms, and to boost immunity. Learn more here.
Acupressure your Stress Away
At-home Acupressure points for Stress! Here are two acupuncture points we often use in the office for reducing stress and calming the mind.
Healing Modalities: Gua Sha Basics
Vanessa Ho from Healing with Zen explains what body Gua Sha is all about and what the differences are to facial Gua Sha in todays video.
SP Detox Balance
Learn more about this tasty all-in-one shake from Standard process. The SP Detox Balance powder is full of whole food-based nutritional ingredients, and is packed with 17 grams of protein.
Stress-Free Herbal Remedies
Herbs are the best way to maintain daily stress levels. Read about our favorite two herbs.
Stress and the Liver
Stress is experienced daily by a majority of people and it is a prime example of the relationship between the mind and body.