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Healthy Spring Acupuncture Diet
Follow these tips for a healthy spring diet that supports your liver.
Healthy Spring Acupuncture Practices
Try these spring acupuncture recommendations, to keep your wood balanced and your liver healthy.
Spring should be a happy time….
In TCM, spring is represented by the element wood. Wood represents birth and newness, the time for fresh ideas and new starts....A wood imbalance can lead to spinal problems, poor flexibility or arthritis. .....But most important for your mood, wood governs your liver. Your liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) and smooth flowing Qi means health and vitality..... If your liver is imbalanced your Qi will be disrupted and you’ll be angry.
Beginner’s Guide to Detoxing
Detoxing is the process of cleaning your organs and tissues. It enhances health, vitality and rejuvenation; it can clear symptoms, treat diseases and protect against future health issues. After a detox you think clearer and feel better. You have more energy. Friends may notice that you glow.
Spring Settles Upon Us
Spring brings with it warmer weather and renewed physical and mental energy. For many people, however, the transition from winter to spring isn‘t always easy. The cold winter months are a natural time for rest and introspection so it can be a challenge to get moving again.

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