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Mark Your Calendars For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day!
Mark your calendars... because Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day is next week! Held annually on October 24, AOM Day aims to raise public awareness and support for the use of acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine.
Fall- Season Of The Lungs
The Fall is the season of the Lungs. It’s the time of year when people are easily affected by environmental influences. Great changes are taking place in the weather and plant life around us.
6 Facts to Know When Using Acupuncture to Quit Smoking
Smoking is a strong, complicated addiction. Quitting smoking is no small task and you will need lots of support to be successful. You need the best tools to help with the physical and emotional symptoms, and acupuncture is a great resource to help you succeed.
Help Sheet: Large Intestine & Lungs
Acupressure points for large intestine and lung support: Rubbing these points with your finger for 30-60 seconds will stimulate and promote the circulations of Qi within your own body, restoring health to your immune system
Water, Water Everywhere… But Where Does It come From?
IN order to achieve and maintain good health we need to consume over 8 cups of water evryday. More and more people are toting water with them during their daily trips to work, the store, sporting events, and gyms and this is a good thing. But a study suggest that reusable water bottles may be bad for our health
The Versatile uses of Lemon Essential Oils
I always tell my patients to stay hydrated with water. I've been spicing up my drinking water by adding Doterra's Lemon Essential Oil into my water bottle.