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Cancer Care: How Acupuncture Helps
Cancer. It’s a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. It can leave you feeling frightened, uncertain, and powerless. But if you or a loved one is facing cancer, it’s important to have hope. In many cases, cancer can be cured, especially when it’s detected early.
Secrets of Gorgeous Celebrities: How They Stay Looking Young & Beautiful
Movie stars demand it. Professional athletes swear by it. And now the masses are discovering the ancient “secret” to enhanced beauty, a stronger immune system, increased mental and physical performance, and drugless recovery from chronic illness.
The Most Shocking Meta-Study of Fertility Acupuncture
A growing number of new parents are telling their friends and families that acupuncture helped them conceive – after seemingly nothing else worked. Acupuncturists who specialize in reproductive medicine...
Acupuncture for Neck Pain: Does It Work?
Scientific researchers and clinicians have been conducting clinical trials on the use of acupuncture for neck pain since the 1980′s....found that acupuncture three times per week was as effective as 80 mg of NSAIDs.....
Asthma Patients: Self Help Sheet
Acupressure Points For Asthma Patients: Rubbing these points with your finger for 30-60 seconds will stimulate and promote the circulations of Qi within your own body. Restoring the health of your lungs.
What the Ancients knew about our bodies
Chinese medicine refers to it as “the controller of the reception, transformation and separation of fluids and solids.” The small intestine receives food and fluids from the stomach, “transforms” them by separating the “pure” from the “impure,” sending the refined, pure essences up to be dispersed throughout the entire body.