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Chest Pain, Heartburn, Palpitations, Dysphagia & Shoulder Pain
80 year old male diagnosed with lung cancer in right lung. Removal of portion of upper right lung lobe in 2016 however tumor resurfaced Jan. 2018. He underwent radiation therapy March 2019. Since radiation, he feels fatigued and difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) that is continuing to worsen. He has difficulty eating and needs water to swallow. Patient's initial concern was left shoulder pain that has been worsening. He sleeps on his left side because right side lung and back area is painful. Pain along the LI channel that radiates to the elbow.
Depression, Anxiety & Constriction in Throat Sensation
62 year old female had been coming in for facial acupuncture and various aches and pains, as well as managing blood pressure, which is now stable. On 5/20/19, she stated a feeling of constriction in her throat. She has trouble swallowing occasionally and feels anxious when this occurs. Sometimes this feeling wakes her up at night. The constriction gets worse when she is feeling depressed or stressed.
Acupuncture for Fertility – Case Study
Licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan discusses the treatment of a couple who came to her for treatment of infertility.
3 Tips to stay Healthy and Fit the Chinese Medicine Way
Everyone is always trying to achieve their best summer body but ideal health can be difficult and stressful when we put our body through rigorous exercise and strict dieting. Chinese Medicine takes a more balanced approach to staying fit. Find out our top holistic tips on staying healthy and fit!
The Healing Benefits of Cupping
Cupping is a technique of using suction cups to draw the skin up and away from the muscles below, creating a vacuum that brings deep circulation up to the level of sore, overworked and injured muscles. Once Phelps demonstrated to the world how this could heal injuries and increase strength – not to mention help conquer his addiction to pain medication – everybody wanted in on it.
Traditional Chinese Medicine for Your Best Summer Yet