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Case Study: Alopecia (Hair Loss) in 30 year old Male

A 30 year old male began facial acupuncture treatment for his alopecia/receding hairline on 9/10/2018. The patient completed 10/10 Facial Acupuncture Treatments and continues to have maintenance acupuncture treatments. 9/10/2018- Patient has begun his facial acupuncture treatments for alopecia. 9/26/2018- Patient’s face is slimmer after his first session of facial

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Acupuncture for Fertility – Case Study

Licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan discusses the treatment of a couple who came to her for treatment of infertility. After meeting with both the female and the man, she determined the problematic issues and prescribed a course of treatment.  Within 12 months, the couple was pregnant with their first child, and after another

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