We had the pleasure of inviting Eli from The Cruelty Free Vanity to try out Facial acupuncture and Facial Gua Sha treatment. Watch as we take Eli through the whole treatment and discuss the great benefits our patients receive from doing facial acupuncture. See why Eli and others are now hooked on getting facial acupuncture here at Healing With Zen.

Watch as Vanessa Ho demonstrates her needle techniques to improve collagen production and stress relief, and as Eli discovers that acupuncture is far more relaxing than she thought it would be!

In part two of The Cruelty Free collaboration with us here at Healing With Zen, Vanessa Ho discusses the importance and the steps of doing facial acupuncture. Hear why facial acupuncture has so many wonderful benefits for your health & skin!
In part three of this video with our collaboration with The Cruelty Free Vanity, Vanessa Ho goes over the Gua Sha treatment & why the Gua Sha tool for the face can be a great bonus to add onto your facial acupuncture appointment!

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