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New Research Shows That Acupuncture Improves Heart Health, Reduces Overall Stress, and Helps with Alzheimers
It is widely believed that acupuncture is a healthy and effective way to treat heart disease and injury. Millions of Americans suffer from heart disease and many may not want to turn to expensive procedures or medications.
Acupuncture Helps to Repair Brain Damage and Proves Useful in Treating Spinal Cord Injury
New research links acupuncture and repair from brain damage, Plus results on acupuncture treatment for spinal cord injuries.
Cancer Care: How Acupuncture Helps
Cancer. It’s a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. It can leave you feeling frightened, uncertain, and powerless. But if you or a loved one is facing cancer, it’s important to have hope. In many cases, cancer can be cured, especially when it’s detected early.
We’ve Relocated to Pasadena!!
Healing with Zen is now located in Pasadena.
Fathers Day Special
For a limited time only, Healing with Zen is offering great deals on all Men's Health Packages. All Fathers Get 50% off an Acupuncture Treatment! Also...
Simple Strategies for Optimal Health (Free Health Talk! Tuesday, June 17, 2014)
Free Health Talk on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Come learn Simple Strategies to optimize your health. Start using these tips and feel better immediately!