Videos - Healing with Zen | Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies | Pasadena, CA
Which Supplements An Acupuncturist Takes & Why?
Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Zen Tuan of Healing with Zen takes you step by step all the supplements she takes in a day and explains the importance of why.
Facial Acupuncture & Facial Gua Sha- One Vlogger’s Experience @ Healing with Zen
Cross collaboration between Healing with Zen | Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies and Cruelty Free Vanity to demonstrate the Facial Acupuncture and Facial Gua Sha. See why our patients keep coming back to us time and time again!
Glass Cupping Demonstration at LATHER Pasadena
At our collaborative event at the LATHER store in Old Town Pasadena, California, we were able to demonstrate fire cupping, stationary and moving cupping (all common healing modalities we perform at Healing With Zen)!
Acupuncture works for Pain Relief – LATHER collaboration in Pasadena
What a pleasure to host another event at LATHER in Old Town Pasadena! In this video we discuss the importance of acupuncture, the benefits that one can obtain from acupuncture, & the process we take our patients through while being treated here at Healing With Zen.
Neck Tension & Low Back Pain Relief using Balance Method Acupuncture
A 36-year old female came in with neck/shoulder tension and low back pain. Hear her testimonial after just one Balance Method acupuncture treatment!
What is Balance Method Acupuncture?
At Healing with Zen, we practice Balance Method Acupuncture. It is a fast, effective form of acupuncture that produces instant results using distal needles.