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Digestive Health Exam & Our Favorite Digestive Aids
Licensed Acupuncturist Zen Tuan demonstrates a quick exam we do @Healing with Zen to evaluate our patients' overall digestive health.
Wellness Wednesday Event @ the Lather store in Pasadena. Sept. 12, 2018
Watch our Gua Sha and Facial Rejuvenation demonstration in action at our wellness event with Lather.
Acupressure points for Digestion
Licensed Acupuncturists Zen and Vanessa share their favorite acupressure points for digestion.
Key ingredients to avoid (Part 2): Chemical Sunscreen
Do you know the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen? Learn why physical sunscreen should be your preferred of choice.
Key ingredients to avoid (Part 1): Petroleum Jelly
In our new Web Series we introduce key ingredients you should be looking out for in your skin and body care to avoid and great alternatives to replace them. We start today with this video about Petroleum Jelly.
Summer Cool Down (Part 1)
ingredients that you should look for in your skincare products, as well as foods that are going to help keep you cool in the summertime.