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Facial Mapping: Looking from outside in (Part 2)
The relation between facial features and the rest of the internal body comes as no surprise in Chinese Medicine. Find out what your eyebrows and your nose area depict about your internal health.
Looking from outside in (Part 1)
Did you know that each area of the face correlates with different organ functions in the body? Learn how Acupuncturists and Herbalists use Facial Mapping as a diagnosing tool!
Video: Acne According to Chinese Medicine (Part 2)
Join dermatology specialist Vanessa M. Ho L.Ac. as she elaborates about how acne is treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Video: Facial Acupuncture, How to Treat Acne
Join dermatology specialist Vanessa M. Ho L.Ac. In a new Facial Rejuvenation Series regarding Acne & Acupuncture
The At-Home Tone-Up: Facial Gua Sha (Part 1)
Dermatologist Specialist, Vanessa M Ho, L.Ac. demonstrates the proper technique when using a Gua Sha tool at home for Facial Rejuvenation. Join us on this series where we explain the benefits of this at-home practice!
Facial Acupressure and Massage: Part 2
Learn these simple acupressure points you can do at home to keep your face glowing after your Facial Rejuvenation Treatments!