Ancient Chinese practitioners believed it was necessary to live in harmony with the environment and to follow the patterns of Earth’s seasonal cycles.


During the winter cycle, the environment is in a state of hibernation. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and plants and animals are conserving their energy in order to reemerge in the spring with enough energy to grow.

Just as in nature, humans should be practicing these habits: it is the ideal time to conserve strength, to reflect on the year, and to replenish your energy in order to have a new & strong growing season (spring).

As we enter into the winter season, there are many things we can practice to optimize our health and strengthen our bodies for the next season

This is the time to be introspective & rest in order to consolidate the necessary “Qi” for the outburst of new life and energy come spring time.

Some routines to practice during the Winter:
  • Go to sleep early
  • Get deep rest
  • Stay warm (wear warm socks and cover your neck with a scarf)
  • Avoid extraneous exercises


Food during this season is also especially important for your entire body. Because winter is considered “yin” time, eating “yang” foods help to create balance- this means adding warm foods of both temperature and nature to your diet. Some common examples of yang food are:

-Soups and stews (temperature)

– Tea (temperature)

– Root vegetables (nature)

– Beans (nature)

– Garlic (nature)

 Ginger (nature)


 Adding these practices into your daily routine helps to support your body in conserving Qi, which helps to prevent illness and make the transition into spring smooth and successful!

Winter Season Characteristics:
-Element: Water
-Nature: Yin
-Organs: Kidney and Urinary Bladder
-Emotion: Fear And Depression
In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the Kidneys are considered to be the root of yin and yang energy in the body. It is the source of all Qi in the body.
Guiding Principles of Winter:
rest, reflection, conservation, and storage

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