10 Facts about Acupuncture

  Curious about Acupuncture? Here are 10 facts about Acupuncture that you did not know. 1. It does not hurt. Not a big fan of needles? Acupuncture needles are very different from traditional medical needles. They are extremely small and are solid, not hollow. They are also used only once and discarded.   2. It makes you feel high. The feeling of complete relaxation comes from the body’s response to the insertion of needles. Neurotransmitters and feel good endorphins are released during this …

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Walnuts in Chinese Medicine

  Packed with omega 3s and calcium, walnuts are a great health food. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, foods are used as healing tools, and are often prescribed along with other dietary changes. Walnuts are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for asthma, for digestion as well as low back and knee pain. There are sweet and warm and enter the lung, large intestine, and kidney channels. Recent studies suggest that walnuts can be used to lower cholesterol. Click here to read …

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Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding is a great exercise that makes you feel like a kid again. These mini trampolines do much more than provide a fun way to exercise. The jumping motion is easy on joints and stimulates lymphatic circulation, which cleanses the body of impurities and toxins. Caution: People with retina issues should not use a trampoline. Click here to read 20 Benefits about this great way to exercise.