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3 Tips to stay Healthy and Fit the Chinese Medicine Way

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Everyone is always trying to achieve their best summer body but ideal health can be difficult and stressful when we put our body through rigorous exercise and strict dieting.  Chinese Medicine takes a more balanced approach to staying fit. Find out our top holistic tips on staying healthy and fit!
1. Reduce Stress
Easier said than done, but high stress can encourage inflammation in the body.  It can also increase cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain especially around the waist region.  Some ways to decrease stress are doing acupuncture to calm down the nervous system, getting ample rest, and scheduling out time in your schedule for purely “me” time to do whatever you choose outside of work!
2. Move!
Listening to your body is important.  Most people do not get enough exercise in their busy day, but even small choices in the day can help with getting exercise in.  You don’t need to be sweating it out and stressing out at a Crossfit class in order to incorporate fitness in your routine.  Parking a bit farther from the store or choosing to walk to a nearby location are both easy ways to incorporate more movement and circulation which increases water metabolism and decreases inflammation.  Tai Chi and gentle Yoga are great exercises as well!
3. Nutrition and Herbs
Health starts from within.  You will have difficulty attaining fitness goals if you are not nourishing your body in the right way. Make sure to eat a balanced diet (preferably home-cooked with various colors and food groups).  Chinese Herbs are also great for helping to nourish your body, decrease inflammation, and improve circulation.
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