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7 Acupuncture Points to Alleviate Allergy Woes

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If spring allergies are bringing you down with constant runny noses, itchy eyes, and sinus headaches, try preventing and alleviating your spring woes by these seven acupressure points:
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This photo shows how it should look when you’re pressing all six face points – just outside the nostril, just below the eye, and the inner end of the eyebrow. Play around with with fingers feels most comfortable for you, but the pinkie, ring, and middle finger combination seems to work the best.
It is ideal to use these seven points before allergy symptoms kick in, but even if you miss the preventive window, these same points can be used to eliminate symptoms as well.
Although these points aren’t a substitute for real acupuncture, it can delay the onset and lessen the severity of allergy symptoms and prolong the effects of acupuncture treatments.
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