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Acne In Regards To Diet And Digestion

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How Diet And Digestion Affects Acne

You are what you eat after all! Diet and Nutrition are incredibly important in regards to how your body functions and they can also give telltale signs on your skin and acne.

Much like Western Medicine, the Stomach in Chinese Medicine is in charge of processing food so that your entire body can have the energy to function.  However, many people do not nourish their body enough and instead opt to eat sugary, greasy, or fried food that is lacking in nutrients and serve to increase buildup of toxins in the body.  When this happens, the body has a harder time in processing the food and this may lead to a congestion of the toxin eliminating process that occurs all throughout the digestive system.

This lack of movement and stagnation of the process to rid your body of toxins faster than they accumulate leads to those toxins showing up on your skin.


The type of acne that arises from sluggish digestion and a lack of nourishment in terms of food choices tend to show up along the forehead as well as the chin.

Nutrition-wise, it is important to avoid or limit intake of sugar, refined grains such as white rice, white bread, cake, and cookies, as well as saturated fat such as that from animals or synthetic sources such as those found in processed foods

So what can you do the treat your acne holistically?  Tune in to Part 4, the last in our Acne series to find out!

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