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Acne in regards to Stress, Hormones, and Menstruation

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Acne In Regards To Stress, Hormones, & Menstruation

In Part 2 of our Acne Series, we are tackling the issue of acne with its cause rooted in hormonal changes with stress and menstruation.

This is an incredibly common issue among teenagers but also women entering their 20s and 30s. This correlates to the face mapping technique that we use in Chinese Medicine. The technique would cover the acne-prone areas around the mouth as well as along the sides of the jaws.  
We categorize each organ by its specific function within the realm of Chinese Medicine. This is not to be confused with the organ’s function in Western Medicine. When talking about stress and hormones, especially during menstruation, we correlate that with the functions or lack thereof of the Liver and Spleen.

The Liver is in charge of encouraging smooth flow of circulation within the body. It is closely related to the Spleen, which is in charge of keeping the body damp-free.  

What this means is that the dysfunction of the Liver and the Spleen gives way to stagnation or build up of toxins of damp quality in the body. This allows for an environment where acne grows rampant.

Oftentimes, this will show up as acne along the jaw lines as well as lower cheeks and around the mouth.

The Liver is also closely related to menstruation in Chinese Medicine. Thus, it closely relates to the hormonal changes that occur in the body before, during, and after menstruation.  

Acupuncturists and herbalists will ask specific questions regarding the patient’s other symptoms and lifestyle. This helps them formulate a specific acupuncture protocol, as well as herbal formula. Which results in the strengthening of the Liver and Spleen to reduce acne as well as other stress and PMS symptoms.


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