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Acne, the Chinese Medicine Interpretation

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Almost everyone has encountered a breakout or multiple breakouts at one point in their life.  As acupuncturists and herbalists, we look at every detail from the when to the how and where to find the root and ultimately the reason as to why these breakouts are persisting.

We provide a whole lifestyle approach to eliminate the cause of acne and prevent future breakouts. This includes herbal medicine, acupuncture treatment, and nutritional advice. So what are the most common reasons as to why acne occurs?



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If the acne is on the face, a good starting point is to detect which area of the face is most affected by the acne.  We use a face mapping technique where each area of the face denotes a different organ. If there are toxins that are abundant in relation to the organ, we can see it from the outside, as a certain area on the face having recurrent breakouts while the rest of the face is acne-free.

For example, forehead breakouts are usually associated with the stomach and may denote digestive issues. Cheek breakouts are related to respiratory issues and breakouts on the chin, jawline, or around the mouth may be due to hormonal imbalances.

The inflammation responses that cause acne come from a build up of toxins in the body.  This often happens when things aren’t moving the way that they are intended to in the body.  This is where acupuncture comes in and we work with the body to use both facial and body acupuncture points to bring it back in balance, remove any circulation blockage, and aid the body in smoothly eliminating toxin buildup.  
In the next three parts of this series on Acne, we’ll cover the top reasons as to why those breakouts keep occurring and in what way Chinese Medicine treats these specific root causes. As a bonus, look on our Instagram this month where we will be sharing some of the best acne-clearing herbs!  
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