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Acupressure for Headaches and Sinus Issues

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Acupressure Tips for Headaches and Sinus Issues

Learn an easy acupressure points that you can use at home to help soothe headaches, migraine, and allergy symptoms from Zen! These can be done anytime, anywhere – which makes this video especially helpful for anyone suffering right now.

Ear Seeds

Ear seeds are an effective, noninvasive treatment that you can utilize between treatments. They consist of tiny vaccaria seeds, beads or pellets on a sticker that can be affixed to specific acupressure points in the ear. These points can help a variety of issues, and are especially great for body pains! At Healing with Zen, we offer gold, silver and Swarovski crystal upgrades for a more stylish look. Learn more here!

Our custom herbal formulas are a great way to alleviate migraines and sinus issues. Click above to get started!

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