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Acupressure to Clear Heat & Cool the Body

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The Summer Cool Down Series Part 2

To conclude our Summer Cool Down Series, we’ve brought it all the way back from herbs to acupuncture. There are several points that can be used in acupuncture or acupressure that clear heat (and thus cool the body). Don’t be surprised if your acupuncturist uses some of these points during your treatment this summer!

We’ll be covering a few of these points and their locations today. These points are incredibly easy to locate and can be done at home on those extra hot days.

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1. LI11


LI11- This point is located on the outer end of the elbow crease. This point is particularly great at clearing skin rashes and fever. This is also one of the points used when a patient exhibits signs of a heat stroke.

2. LI4

LI4- Located on the dorsum of the hand between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, approximately in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side. This point is used commonly for any symptoms exhibited on the face.  This point is useful whether you are suffering from a headache, red and dry eyes, or any allergy issues. Do not use this point if you are pregnant!

3. PC3

PC3- This point is located on the transverse cubital crease, at the ulnsr side of the tendon medial biceps brachii.  This point is also commonly used for heat stroke and is useful against any skin eruptions.

4. HT8

HT8- This point is located on the palm between the pinky and ring finger. When making a loose fist, this point is located where your pinky finger tip rests on the palm. This point is suitable for excessive thirst, tongue ulcers, dry throat, or insomnia due to heat.  
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We hope you enjoyed the Summer Cool Down Series on ways to clear heat and cool the body, and hope to see you in the next blog posts!

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