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Acupuncture and Herbs Outperform Hormones for Menstrual Irregularity

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Acupuncture and herbs outperform hormones for menstrual irregularity

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menstrual pain and herbs
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The results of a new study suggest that a treatment of acupuncture and custom herbs offer significantly greater relief from menstrual irregularity and its associated symptoms when compared with conventional hormonal treatments.


In a study performed at the People’s Hospital of Zhangwu County (Liaoning) a combination of herbs and acupuncture outperformed hormone therapy for a group of 100 women with irregular menstrual cycles.


The women, aged 21 to 39, had symptoms ranging from significant clotting and dizziness to fatigue and breast pain, and were given either a daily regimen of oral hormone medication, or acupuncture with two doses of herbs per day.


Groups whose menstrual cycles were normalized and experienced a complete resolution of symptoms such as breast pain and dizziness were classified as “Cured”. Those whose symptoms were significantly but not completely resolved were labeled “Effective”. Groups with no change at all were labeled “Ineffective”.


The drug therapy group achieved an 80% total “Effective” rate. The acupuncture plus herbs group achieved a 92% total “Effective” rate. Even better, women in the acupuncture plus herbs group experienced significantly fewer adverse effects than those in the hormone medication group.


To read the details of the study, please click here.


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