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Is Acupuncture the Secret to Solving your Acne Problem?

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Struggling with acne? Acupuncture might be your solution!

Acne is a chronic and self-limiting condition that begins in adolescence and can last over 10 years. Acne is characterized by inflamed and non inflamed comedones, oily skin, and cysts. Acupuncture can be helpful because it focuses directly on the root of the issue—dietemotions, and hormones. The patient is able to work with an acupuncturist to make possible dietary adjustments, augment their treatment with Chinese herbs and supplements, and treat the skin from the inside out. To schedule an initial consultation, click here.

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Check out Acupuncturist Sonya speaking about acupuncture for healthy skin!

"Healing with Zen offers a truly deep healing experience utilizing traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbs. With a practice that emphasizes restoring balance to the body, one may notice other health benefits that are not necessarily associated with the initial complaints one may take acupuncture for. For me, acupuncture not only helped cleared my face of cystic acne; but I also saw other medical benefits including healthier digestion and better sleep quality."

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