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Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

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Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with anxiety and depression, common issues in modern day society. This medicine treats the body as a whole and recognizes that the mind and body interact as one. The elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine also pay a large role in the diagnosis and treatments of these disorders and are attached to an emotion.

Water (fear)

Wood (anger)

Fire (happiness)

Earth (worry)

Metal (grief)

An imbalance of the heart and kidney (fire and water) in Traditional Chinese Medicine could contribute to anxiety.
Depression is seen as problem with the circulation of qi, leading to stagnant qi in the body. The liver (wood) plays an important role as do the heart (happiness/joy) and the spleen (worry).
Another important organ is the Pericardium which is known as the Heart protector in Chinese Medicine. Many acupuncture points that can relieve anxiety can be found on this meridian. One such famous and universal point is PC6.
Find the point 3 fingers length away from the inner wrist crease on the wrist. It is in between the two tendons at the center of your wrist (they can be seen clearly when you clench your fist)!


Cred: Mountain Rose Yoga and Acupuncture

If you are interested in treating anxiety or depression using Acupuncture, please feel free to discuss these issues with your Acupuncturist.
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