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Harvard Study Shows Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Pain

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Harvard study shows effectiveness of acupuncture for carpal tunnel pain

The pain of carpal tunnel syndrome can take over your life, but acupuncture can help you regain control.

You may be familiar with the frustrating series of doctor visits and drug prescriptions that come with lots of side effects. Looking to break out of that cycle? A study published last month by a Harvard Medical School professor offers evidence that the answer could lie in acupuncture.

This recent study compared results in patients treated with real acupuncture and a “sham acupuncture” placebo—and the results were remarkable. In patients who received legitimate acupuncture treatments, there was not only an improvement in symptoms but actual remapping of the brain shown in scans, which were linked to long-term improvements. This new research offers further support for the use of acupuncture in chronic pain treatment and confirms the results that acupuncture patients have experienced for thousands of years.
There are a number of significant advantages that acupuncture for carpal tunnel pain has over other common treatment options. Overprescribed pain medications often come with a serious risk of addiction, and only treat the symptoms, not the underlying problem, leaving patients dependent on the drugs. With acupuncture, patients can address the core of the health issues, allowing them to live a pain-free life long term, without the dangerous side effects of pharmaceuticals.

If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or another chronic pain issue, consult a licensed acupuncturist for the chance for a life without pain with acupuncture treatments. Here at Healing with Zen, our clinicians are experienced in successfully treating chronic pain issues. Our most rewarding work is helping patients achieve their desired health results. You can click here to reserve your appointment space and join our satisfied patients in experiencing better health.


Study shows differences in effects of ‘real’ and ‘sham’ acupuncture 


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