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Relief From Severe Allergies

Allergies and accupuncture

Allergy Patient Case Study

A 25 year old female came into our office due to severe allergies that were getting worse since she moved to Southern California from New York in Jan. 2020 (7 months prior to visiting Healing with Zen).  

Symptoms: Itchy eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure, headaches. Difficulty sleeping due to her sinus congestion.  Antihistamines worked but was drying out her skin. She’s had asthma in the past.
Fatigue due to allergies. Energy level 6/10.

Patient also presented with: Neck and back pain- scoliosis diagnosed 2017. 5 years of pain.Neck and shoulders pain, bilateral but worse on right side, pain level 7/10. Low back pain level 5/10 Stress level 8/10. Hot flashes throughout the dayEmotions: Anxious easily. Sadness & grief. Depression & Anxiety and therapy in the past. Eczema- flares up with stress.

Balance Method For Allergies

Treatment Plan

This patient was treated with Balance Method Acupuncture. Watch the video below for more information on what makes Balance Method effective.

Dates of treatment: 

1. Initial visit 8/17/2020. Felt immediate change in her sinus that lasted the rest of the day. 

2. 8/19- felt better one day after. 

3. 8/21- relief lasted until next treatment (3 days of relief)

4. 8/24 – patient reports sleeping better throughout the night due to less nasal congestion. Still has some sinus headaches

5. 8/31 -Southern California was experiencing severe fire conditions close to her house. Patient reports dry mouth and throat due to fire conditions. 

6. 9/2 – Gave patient Antronex help with her acute reactions

7. 9/9 – Patient states overall neck and low back pain levels have subsided drastically and no longer bother her day to day. 

8. 9/11  – Digestion has been much improved and more consistent. Patient initially states she runs towards constipation.  

9/14 – Sinus issues continue to improve.

9/16 – Overall emotionally feeling more stable, less anxiety.

9/25 – Re-evaluation after our initial care plan. Patient is happy with her results. Her immune system feels stronger and she has much less sinus congestion. Energy has improved to 7/10 on a consistent basis. Neck pain and back pain levels around 3-4/10 but are no longer consistent. Patient wants to continue to manage her symptoms with weekly acupuncture for a bit longer.

10/11 – Patient states her menses have been much easier with less menstrual cramps, less low back pain, and almost no PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness & headaches. Read more about how acupuncture can help with allergies and immune system issues here.

Zen Tuan, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist at Healing with Zen in Pasadena, CA. 

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