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Allergy Relief through DIY Acupressure

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Spring is right around the corner! And with all of the beautiful blossoming flowers, comes the dreaded common side effect of allergies!


Though Springtime is such a beautiful time of year, those with allergies can have a difficult time enjoying all of the beauty because of the runny-nose, watery-eyes, sneezing discomfort the season can bring. Despite the inconvenience of dealing with allergy symptoms, many sufferers leave their symptoms untreated because of the drowsiness and side effects associated with antihistamines, the standard Western answer to allergies. However, a recent study suggests there’s a better way to approach these discomforts: Acupuncture!
A study has shown that the regular use of Acupuncture compared to just using anti-histamines have been able to show greater and longer lasting results for allergy symptoms.
Acupuncture is the use of small needles being gently inserted gently under the skin to create the smooth flow of Qi and blood through the channels of the body.
Usually, those who suffer from allergies, needles will be inserted in the sinus areas of the face, helping to open the sinus cavities and bringing blood flow and Qi to the area. This helps relieve congestion in the face, helps reduce sneezing, and help clear up your eyes!  Other points along the body will be used to help boost the immune system and aid in digestion, which are two very important parts to keep strong and well functioning during allergy season.

If you are experiencing allergies, here are some acupressure points

you can do at home:

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This photo shows how it should look when you’re pressing all six acupressure points –

Outside the nostril

Below the eye

Inner edge of the eyebrow

Play around with with fingers to what feels most comfortable for you, but the pinkie, ring, and middle finger combination seems to work the best. After a few minutes of applying pressure to these pressure points, you will begin to feel your congestion start to fade away and that breathing from your nose will become easier!
Although these points aren’t a substitute for real acupuncture, it can delay the onset and lessen the severity of allergy symptoms and prolong the effects of acupuncture treatments.

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