Case Study: Alopecia (Hair Loss) in 30 year old Male

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A 30 year old male began facial acupuncture treatment for his alopecia/receding hairline on 9/10/2018.

The patient completed 10/10 Facial Acupuncture Treatments and continues to have maintenance acupuncture treatments.

9/10/2018- Patient has begun his facial acupuncture treatments for alopecia.

9/26/2018- Patient’s face is slimmer after his first session of facial acupuncture. 

10/3/2018- His face is appearing slimmer and patient states that he has noticed a fuller hairline.

10/19/2018- 10/23/2019- Patient experiences continued improvements with his alopecia with the appearance of fuller hair growth in his frontal hairline.

10/31/2018-He is still enjoying the benefits of facial acupuncture and has fuller hair in his frontal line with a more toned appearance and less bloating in the face.

Patient had 2 more treatments.

12/7/2018- His anterior hairline appears fuller. He finished his 10 facial acupuncture treatments.

Patient had 3 more treatments.

2/13/2019-He has a fuller hairline and has been able to space out his facial acupuncture treatments more than during his initial set of treatments.

Patient had 3 more treatments.

5/22/2019- Patient continues to get maintenance facial acupuncture treatments to encourage hair growth but has retained the progress that he achieved with earlier sessions of facial acupuncture.

6/12/2019- He is continuing his facial acupuncture to continue improving hair growth.

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Written by Vanessa Ho, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist at Healing with Zen
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