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Foot Pain Case Study

acupuncture for foot pain At Healing with Zen we come across many different patients with different health concerns/issues… Please enjoy this video and hear about how a 26-year old female patient who came into our office with severe foot pain from an injury, along with inflammation around her entire foot. Hear our patient’s testimonial on how acupuncture benefited her severe case of foot pain! Acupuncture works wonders for not only pain relief, but can also help with: Digestion & Weight …

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Left Arm Pain treated by Balance Method Acupuncture

Case study: Left arm pain alleviated by Acupuncture Read about a patient who found incredible pain relief through acupuncture. A 67 year old female came into our office with left arm pain. Her left bicep pain started 6-7 months ago after golfing and moving loads of furniture. The patient stated that golfing and backward flexion caused extreme “sharp, pulling” pain. Pain level was 10/10 and she had a hard time extending the arm. Ice helped, but heat felt good too. …

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Qi Gong for Lung & Immune Support

Qi gong for lung & immune support Have you ever practiced Qi Gong?  Did you know Qi Gong could be used to strengthen your immune system as well as your lungs? During this time it is important to boost your immune system so it has a better chance of fighting off viruses that commonly circulate during the winter months. read through our quick guide to herbs for lung & immune system boosting! Do you suffer from allergies and other immune …

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3 Tips for Insomnia

3 Tips for Insomnia Do you have trouble going to sleep?  Or are you waking numerous times throughout the night and unable to go back to sleep?  Learn 3 easy at-home tips to combat insomnia from Zen Tuan, L.Ac. Insomnia is a common symptom that many of us have experienced, especially during stressful times. Insomnia can mean you have a hard time falling asleep, or it could also mean you wake up throughout the night and have a difficult time …

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Herbs for Men’s Health

Chinese Herbs for Men’s Health Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Ramy Saleh of Healing with Zen in Pasadena, California discusses some great herbs in light of Men’s Health Month! https://youtu.be/ZP1bUQMC_0g To watch Part 1 of our Men’s Health discussion, where Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Ramy Saleh talks about important Acupressure Points and Chinese Herbs click here. We can customize herbal formula’s tailored for your health concerns! To learn more click here. Learn more about the importance of Chinese herbs for Prostate, …

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Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Awareness by Sonya Bhakta, L. Ac. Why you should care about your brain. I’m sure by now that most people have heard the old time saying of you “use it or lose it,” When it comes to the brain — the widely held belief that a person can maintain or enhance his or her cognitive function, and offset age-related declines in mental performance, by engaging in intellectual exercise. Just how important is it to know about …

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Custom Herbal Formulas, Tailored To Your Health Concerns

Zen Tuan, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist at Healing with Zen in Pasadena, CA discusses the importance and practice of taking Chinese Herbal Formulas. Learn how Chinese Herbs can help you for different treatments!   Learn more about Chinese herbs here. To watch videos of our case studies, click here. Find testimonials of our here. Ask us if acupuncture can help your health condition! Call (626)377-9596 or email us at [email protected] We hope to assist in your journey of healing soon.

Neck Pain & Numbness Down The Arm | Case Study by Ramy Saleh, Acupuncturist at Healing with Zen

Treating Neck pain & Numbness down the arm with Acupuncture 45-year old female patient came into our office with severe neck pain, along with a shooting pain down her right arm & numbness of fingers after a concussion. Hear our patient’s testimonial about how Balance Method acupuncture improved her severe neck pain & arm numbness, in only a 6 week time span! Acupuncture can also help with many other issues such as anxiety & addiction. To watch more videos of …

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Grand Opening Event | Healing with Zen | Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies!

We are so grateful for everyone who came out to support our Grand Opening Event at our new Pasadena office on February 22, 2020! Our guests were able to get a special tour of our three beautiful treatments rooms including our “Party Room”, which is convenient for friends and family to get treatments together. We provided Ear Seed treatments, goodies & spin-the-wheel giveaways! If you missed out on all the fun, no need to worry! You can recap it all …

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