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Bao He Wan: Herbal Digestive Support

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Bao He Wan for Digestion

 Bao He Wan helps digest food and clear food retention. It is known for promoting digestion, removing food stagnation, and harmonizing the stomach. In the video below, Ramy goes over what is included in this powerhouse formula, and how it may help digestive issues! If you answer yes to any of these questions: Have you been experiencing an upset stomach lately? Maybe you’ve been feeling bloated and sluggish, or maybe have had issues with nausea and cramping… the issue may lie within your digestive system. Luckily, we have an herbal formula that can help calm your stomach. 

Herbs in Bao He Wan:

– Shan Za

– Shen Qu

– Lai Fu Zi

– Chen Pi

– Fu Ling

– Lian Qiao

Benefits of Bao He Wan:

  • Promotes digestion and reduces food stagnation
  • Regulates digestion, improves appetite
  • Relieves acid, indigestion, bloating and regurgitation

Acupuncture is also extremely effective for improving digestive functioning. Come in for a visit with one of our talented acupuncturists!

The most effective way to treat digestive issues is with our customized herbal formulas. Click below to get started!

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