Case Studies

Interested in how we have helped others heal? Watch our case study videos and read our blog posts!

watch our case study videos
to learn how acupuncture helped our patients


Foot Pain Case Study

acupuncture for foot pain At Healing with Zen we come across many different patients with different health concerns/issues… Please enjoy this video and hear about how a 26-year old female patient who came into our office with severe foot pain from an injury, along with inflammation around her entire foot.

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Left Arm Pain treated by Balance Method Acupuncture

Case study: Left arm pain alleviated by Acupuncture Read about a patient who found incredible pain relief through acupuncture. A 67 year old female came into our office with left arm pain. Her left bicep pain started 6-7 months ago after golfing and moving loads of furniture. The patient stated

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Case Study: Alopecia (Hair Loss) in 30 year old Male

A 30 year old male began facial acupuncture treatment for his alopecia/receding hairline on 9/10/2018. The patient completed 10/10 Facial Acupuncture Treatments and continues to have maintenance acupuncture treatments. 9/10/2018- Patient has begun his facial acupuncture treatments for alopecia. 9/26/2018- Patient’s face is slimmer after his first session of facial

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