Case Study On Pregnancy Symptoms

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Case Study on Pregnancy Symptoms

Acupunture for Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms & Medical History

A 35 year old female came into our office with pregnancy related symptoms at 37 weeks pregnant.


  • Sharp pelvic pain (difficulty walking), pain level 7 out of 10
  • Neck stiffness described as dull pain, pain level 4/10
  • Swollen ankles
  • Anxiety about pregnancy, brain fog. Stress level – 7/10
  • Heartburns throughout the day
  • Fatigue
  • Energy level 4/10.
  • Patient also presented with: TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain)- since high school. Pain occurs almost every night, Pain level 7/10.
  • Insomnia – difficulty staying asleep
  • Constipation – dry pellet-like, one bowel movement every 2-3 days.

Treatment Summary

Initial visit: 8/23/21 After insertion of needles, patient reported a sense of calmness and some relief of pain in the pelvic area and neck

8/30/21: heartburn subsided allowing her to sleep better. She is more rested in mornings. Her husband noticed her anxiety isn’t as “overbearing”, energy improved 6-7/10

9/1/21: pelvic and neck pain is minimal to none, 2-3/10. She is able to walk without pain and no longer feels constipated. Bowel movements are 1-2x day and well formed. Heartburn is under control, 2-3x day/ TMJ pain has reduced to pain level 5/10

9/8/21: pelvic and neck pain is minimal to none, 1-2/10, walking better, ankle swelling is noticeably down, bowel movement is still good, heartburn 1x day

9/10/21: no more pelvic and neck pain, ankle swelling is minimal, able to walk without pain or discomfort, stress level: 2-3/10, no problem staying asleep and well rested in morning, her husband notices she grinds her teeth less, pain: 2/10

Wootaek Hong, Licensed Acupuncturist for Healing with Zen

Written by Wootaek Hong

L.Ac. Acupuncturist & Herbalist

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