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Case Study for Lung Cancer Symptoms

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Case Study For Lung Cancer Symptoms

Acupuncture for Lung Cancer

Case Study

80 year old male diagnosed with lung cancer in right lung. Removal of portion of upper right lung lobe in 2016 however tumor resurfaced Jan. 2018. He underwent radiation therapy March 2019. Since radiation, he feels fatigued and difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) that is continuing to worsen. He has difficulty eating and needs water to swallow. Patient’s initial concern was left shoulder pain that has been worsening. He sleeps on his left side because right side lung and back area is painful. Pain along the LI channel that radiates to the elbow.

Summary of Acupuncture Treatment

6/6/19 – Left shoulder pain started 2-3 months ago. Pain level 8/10. Sleep affected by pain.

6/13/19 – Left shoulder pain relieved for 2 days after 1st treatment. Patient stated difficulty swallowing that started in April 2019, one month after radiation (March 2019).

6/20/19- Wife reports swallowing has improved slightly.

6/24/19 – Patient states chest pains are 2-3x/daily. Right side flank and mid back pain pain level 6/10. Right armpit lymphoma 6/10 pain scale. Asked patient to be more aggressive with treatments. 2x/week for the next 2 months. Heartburn all day and night. Left shoulder pain level from 8/10 down to 3/10. Swallowing improving 4/10.

6/27/19 – Swallowing is getting easier. Less need for water.

7/1/19- Shoulder pain is minimal now, only occasional. Heartburn has lessened. Chest pain and palpitations lessened and is no longer daily. Right back pain is much improved. Palpitations no longer daily.

7/3/19- Patient continues to improve. All symptoms lessened in frequency and severity.

Zen Tuan, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist serving Pasadena and Los Angeles since 2013

Written by Zen Tuan, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist at Healing with Zen

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