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Constipation Relief Using Acupuncture

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Constipation Relief Using Acupuncture

Greetings from Krystal, acupuncturist at Healing With Zen! Today, I want to share an inspiring case study with you. Chinese medicine offers a treasure trove of remedies for digestive issues, considering the gut’s pivotal role in our overall well-being. In this case, I had the privilege of helping a 56-year-old woman regain control of her life after battling chronic constipation for decades. Her journey to digestive health is an inspiring testament to the power of acupuncture, dietary modifications, and herbal supplements.

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The Struggle with Chronic Constipation:

For our patient, the battle with constipation began at age of 19. She had relied on laxatives for years to facilitate bowel movements, enduring extreme bloating, water retention, belly pain, and excruciating discomfort. Her life revolved around these challenges, making even the simplest tasks agonizing. Looking for relief, she sought help, which led her to our acupuncture clinic.

The Power of Acupuncture

We started meeting twice a week for acupuncture sessions. Each treatment was tailored to address her specific symptoms that week. However, I consistently utilized a set of acupuncture points known for their effectiveness in treating various digestive disorders.

These acupuncture points, work wonders in regulating the stomach and intestines, promoting regular bowel movements. In just four sessions, our patient began to experience relief, and within 16 sessions, her symptoms were under control.

Reaping the Benefits

From the early sessions, our patient noticed positive changes. More frequent bowel movements provided physical relief and eased her stress and emotions, leading to improved mood and confidence. It became evident that her condition was more complex than chronic constipation alone. 

Today, our patient enjoys a life free from extreme bloating, constipation pain, and daily interruptions. She can participate in activities that were once out of reach. Her symptoms are well-managed, and her journey toward digestive health has transformed her life.


If you’ve been battling digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, SIBO, candida, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, or others, you don’t have to face them alone. At Healing With Zen, we are committed to helping you regain control of your digestive health. Visit our website at to book your appointment at our Pasadena office, and let’s embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you.


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