Relieve muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation using this ancient therapeutic technique. Read our blog post “What the Heck is “Cupping”, Anyway?” to learn more about cupping.

What can cupping heal?


Digestive Diseases

Muscular Tension

Chronic Pain

Respiratory Diseases

Circulation Issues



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Watch our demonstration of Fire Cupping at our collaborative event at the Lather store in Old town Pasadena, CA. Learn the benefits of cupping and why our patients love adding it to their acupuncture treatments!      …

Back pain: Yelp Review #8-  I’ve had back pains/tightness on and off for the past ~8 years.  The acupuncture + cupping treatments from Zen really helped loosen my tight back and instantaneously relieved a lot of the pain.  In addition,…

Cupping therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a way to boost relaxation and improve sleep quality. A number of celebrities and athletes have started using cupping therapy to help them with a number of health conditions as well as to…

When Michael Phelps won his 19th (!!!) gold medal in Rio in 2016, people were more interested in the multitude of purple circles that adorned his perfect torso. Had he been involved in the world’s most precise beating? Was there…

Cupping has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to  promote circulation, relieve pain, pull out "heat" from the body as well as remove toxins. Learn more about cupping therapy here.   

“Cupping” may sound strange, but practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have healed people with this method since 300AD (4). According to Dr. Kaleem Ullah, secretary of the British Cupping Society, “Cupping Therapy is an ancient medical treatment that relies upon…