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Digestion Relief With Acupuncture

Prior to visiting Healing with Zen I had never received any acupuncture treatments. I’ve been seeing Vanessa consistently for 4 months for a range of issues such as chronic migraines and digestive issues. After consistent treatments I’ve had minimal symptoms and have been sleeping better with increased energy levels. I would recommend Healing with Zen to anyone seeking alternative treatments. Overall comments on service and treatment:

-Very professional bed side manner and staff. Clean facilities.

-Respond to correspondence promptly – able to accommodate those who work traditional business hours

-Very knowledgeable, explanatory and patient (Vanessa always provides comprehensive explanations prior to treatment and listens closely to note any problematic symptoms)

-Herbal tea remedy was an effective supplement to regular treatment  

-Pleasant and caring practitioners – Samantha M. – 10/17/19- 5- star review Yelp Review #45

First appointment but very impressed and feel better already! Very professional office! – Roy J. – 2/21/2020 – 5 star Yelp review #44

Watch below for some acupressure points that can help with digestion!

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