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Digestive System and the Skin

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Digestive System And The Skin

TCM for Acne

Have you ever suffered from chronic acne or redness only in one area of the face?

Oftentimes, the Stomach and digestive system is responsible to be the root of several skin issues.

Since the stomach is principally in charge of processing and digesting food, it is also easily prone to stagnation. Thus redness, inflammation, or acne is oftentimes rooted in the impaired function of the Stomach. For example, one of the most common causes of skin issues such as rosacea and acne is Stomach Heat.

Common areas of the skin that show signs of acne, redness, or inflammation when the Stomach is overheated are:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Around the mouth.

In order to aid the digestive system and strengthen weak Stomach function, it is important to choose foods that are easy to digest as well as warm in temperature. Food that is too cold will impair the digestive process as it is raw so the stomach needs to overwork to process the nutrients compared to fully cooked food. 

Lastly, Chinese herbs that help Stomach function are incredibly beneficial for those with chronic digestive issues. Make sure to visit your acupuncturist to receive a custom herbal formula and remember to check back to the blog for our next post on Chinese Herbs that aid digestion!

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