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Ear Seeds: Not Just for Decoration!

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Ear acupuncture can be incredibly effective when added to the acupuncture
treatment protocol, but what happens when you’d like to continue the balancing
benefits of ear acupuncture at home? This is where ear seeds come in to the
equation. Ear seeds are stickers that contain a plant seed, a metal bead, or a small
needle that can be stuck on the ear and kept in place for up to 5 days at a time in
order to encourage the activation of certain ear acupuncture points.

This practice allows the patient to feel the benefits of ear acupuncture even when
they are not on the treatment table and it is especially effective for those who are
battling chronic pain, mood disorders, or are aiming to lose weight naturally. The
different components of the ear seed contribute to the effect that it has on the body.
A commonly used component for ear seeds is Wang Bu Liu Xing or Vaccaria seed
which has properties of moving the blood and decreasing inflammation. Gold and
silver are often used as beads as well. Ear seeds also come in the form of extremely
small needles attached to the sticker, which can be placed to stimulate the point in
lieu of an acupuncture needle.

Ear seeds have become so popular as of late that many of these stickers are made to
look like ear studs and can be very aesthetically pleasing. However, don’t let that
fool you into thinking that they’re only there for the appearance! Studies have
shown that ear seeds utilized in the treatment of anxiety showed to be helpful in the
reduction of stress.

Ear seeds are a specialty of ours and are extremely useful for patients new to acupuncture or anyone unusually sensitive to pain.  If you or anyone that you know would like to address any chronic pain, addiction, or other issues through the gentle use of Ear Acupuncture, click HERE to book an appointment with our licensed acupuncturists!


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