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What a pleasure to host another event at LATHER in Old Town Pasadena! In this video we discuss the importance of acupuncture, the benefits that one can obtain from acupuncture, & the process we take our patients through while being treated here at Healing With Zen. We feel honored to service the Pasadena community alongside stores such as LATHER. Thank you to everyone who came to support us. Cheers to making a better world with the help of acupuncture, one needle at a time!

Watch our demonstration of Fire Cupping at our collaborative event at the Lather store in Old town Pasadena, CA. Learn the benefits of cupping and why our patients love adding it to their acupuncture treatments!

At our collaborative event at the LATHER store in Old Town Pasadena, California, we were able to demonstrate the process of using the sliding cupping technique. Learn why we use this practice & the positive affects it brings to our patients!
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