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Facial Acupressure and Massage: Part 2

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It’s always great to engage in facial massage and acupressure in between facial acupuncture sessions. It helps improve skin circulation, elasticity, and relax muscles.

Here are some more points that are great to use when doing acupressure in between treatments!


The point directly under your cheekbones on the maxilla is excellent to press and massage along to decrease any facial swelling especially on the cheeks. It also helps relax the cheek and eye muscles.


Another point sits at the top of your nasolabial groove to the right and left of the base of the nose. This is not only amazing for those who want to prevent laugh lines, but also for those suffering from sinus conditions.


In the middle of the philtrum, you’ll find a point that will not only help relax the entire face, but is used often to calm the mind and relieve stress. While the last point is not located on the face, the last acupressure point we’ll be covering today is all important in helping relax neck muscles and improve muscle tone. This is in line with facial acupuncture as we treat both the face and the neck so as to prevent signs of again such as sagging along the jowls.
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