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The At-Home Tone-Up: Facial Gua Sha (Part 1)

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You may have seen many of the aesthetically pleasing rose quartz tools pictured on our social media and are curious about how to incorporate it into your facial routine at home.  The pink tools shown are facial gua sha tools that are used in very light gentle strokes across different areas of the face to tone up the skin in between facial rejuvenation treatments.  On the regular, we teach our facial acupuncture patients how to incorporate these techniques into their daily routine after we send them each home with a rose quartz facial gua sha tool in hand!


In today’s post, we’re going to dive into THE at home techniques to slim down and de-puff the face, improve blood circulation and elasticity, improve lymphatic drainage, and ultimately revitalize the skin.  All of these techniques can be done in the comfort of your own home.


Firstly, it is important to get the right technique of movement down for facial gua sha before starting on the motions.  You’ll need to start with clean skin that is freshly washed and prepped with a facial serum or oil. You’ll need this prep so that the gua sha tool will have the appropriate glide.  It’s important not to tug the delicate skin on the face.


When you glide the gua sha tool along the face, be mindful of keeping the pressure very light.  Facial gua sha and body gua sha are very different and the face does not need extensive pressure in order to invigorate circulation and improve muscle tone.  A gentle pressure is enough to give the intended effect.


Lastly, there is no need for fast movement like that of body gua sha.  Facial gua sha is all about slow, precise, and gentle movement. By practicing these important techniques,  you will get the desired lift and glow from your facial gua sha exercise.


Keep your eyes on the blog for Part 2 of our Facial Gua Sha series where we cover the top 3 movements for targeting specific areas on the face to lift and firm the skin!


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