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Facial Mapping: A more defined look at other organs (Part 4)

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The organ correlations covered in Part 1, 2, and 3 of the Facial Mapping Series are but one of a few correlations that are covered in Chinese Medicine texts.

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We’ll be covering an extra region of the face as well as extra correlations to give more depth to the facial mapping picture.


The Area:  Cheeks

Not only are the Cheeks correlated with the Spleen and Stomach, they are also correlated with the Lungs. Oftentimes, any patchiness or discoloration and even acne breakouts are from poor lung function.  This may be genetic or due to continuous overwork of the lungs due to smoking. This may also be due to a lack of absorption of nutrients due to poor circulation.

The Change:  Make sure incorporate exercise and breathing exercises into your daily routine.  


The Area: Forehead Corners

The Forehead Corners correlate to the Kidneys as well as the Urinary Bladder.  Any wrinkles, lines, or recurrent acne in this area denote an imbalance in the Kidneys.  The urinary bladder is responsible for relieving the body of toxins and so it is very important to limit sugar intake and having a healthy intake of liquids such as water or herbal tea.  

The Change:  Such herbs such as Parsley and He Shou Wu are wonderful for healthy Kidney and Bladder function.  These can be incorporated in the diet or in the custom herbal formula that your acupuncturist can create for you.  


While lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition are incredibly important in keeping the body in balance, it is highly recommended that patients also start a routine of having acupuncture and herbal medicine as these two modalities are completely tailored to the patient’s specific needs and will create an environment in which the patient is able to heal from the root of the cause.  This creates the lasting effect of better and clearer skin for years to come with less discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and/or skin texture issues.


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