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Facial Mapping: Looking from outside in (Part 2)

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In this continuation to Part 1 of Facial Mapping, we’ll be covering the rest of the major areas of the face and which organ that they correlate to.

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The relation between the face and the rest of the body internally comes as no surprise in Chinese Medicine. Our work as acupuncturists and herbalists has always been to look from the outside in and decipher which areas are imbalanced in the body.  


The Area: Eyebrows and Under- Eye

The eyebrows and the under eyes are related to the Kidneys.  In Chinese Medicine, one of our basic principles is that there are Five Elements governing our system.  The Kidneys, in this system, are directly correlated to the element of Water. It is responsible for controlling the fluid in the body.  Thus, when there is dehydration, the area under the eyes are drier and darker. Problems with the smooth function of the Kidneys may also show as swollen under eyes, or puffiness/ inflammation around the eyebrow ridge.  The hair on your eyebrows is generally darker than the hair covering the scalp. If the eyebrow hair is lighter than that of the scalp hair, it may point towards weaker Kidney function.

The Change:  Hydration, hydration, hydration!  It is important to stay hydrated with 7-10 glasses of water in a day at least.  A good tip is to drink the water slowly throughout the day and not to consume a large amount of it in one go as it may dilute the kidneys.  It is important to lessen caffeine and sugar intake as well as refined salt and increase intake of mineral rich foods.


Area: The Nose

The nose is closely correlated to Heart function.  Both sides of the nose correspond to either side of the heart thus the right side of the nose correlates to the right side of the heart.  For example, a red nose may indicate issues with blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Any form of blockage like acne may correlate to a problem with the full circulation within the heart. The heart is another organ that is heavily influenced by emotion so it is important to keep stress down and learn to manage emotions such as sadness and anger in a healthy way.  

The Change:  Add good fatty acids into the diet such as the omega-3 that can be found in fish oil such as cod liver oil.  It is also important to have a diet that is low on cholesterol intake and with less sugar and refined carb intake.   Lastly, some amazing herbs to add whether that be in a custom herbal formula created for you by an acupuncturist or as an addition to a meal are Reishi and White Peony.  


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