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Facial Mapping: Looking from the outside in (Part 3)

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In this continuation to Part 2 of Facial Mapping, we’ll be covering the rest of the major areas of the face and which organ that they correlate to.


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The relation between the face and the rest of the body internally comes as no surprise in Chinese Medicine. Our work as acupuncturists and herbalists has always been to look from the outside in and decipher which areas are imbalanced in the body.  Stay tuned for the next part in this series to learn more about the alternate organs that some of the previously discussed areas of the face also correlate with!


The Area: Mouth/ Chin

The area around the Mouth and extending to the Chin is correlated with the Stomach and Colon.  The Chin itself is also heavily correlated to the hormones and any signs of hormonal imbalance will show itself with breakouts or discolorations in the chin area while the mouth and chin together shed a light directly on the stomach and digestion system.  It is easy for the stomach to overwork itself as well as the colon. With an increase in nutrition trends where there are large consumptions of raw and cold food, the stomach and subsequently the colon have to put in extra work to process and digest the raw food versus cooked and warm soups, stews, or other warm dishes.  This over function leads to excess production of stomach acid that then leads to dampness accumulation. This can show as acne or redness around the mouth or ulcers inside the mouth.

The Change: Again, the importance of nutrition is emphasized here.  It’s necessary to nourish your body through consumption of warm and nutritious food that will digest well in the body and not lead to a buildup of toxins.  It is good to eat lightly cooked, warm foods that are high in fiber.


The Area: Cheeks

The Cheeks are correlated to the digestion in terms of the Stomach and Spleen. If the cheeks are flushed red, it indicates inflammation in the stomach. It is important to eat nutritious foods once again so that there is no buildup of toxins that the digestive system cannot easily pass through the body.  These are the toxins that lead to breakouts on the cheeks if the cause is from within. Any acne breakouts on the cheeks that are not from an internal cause are likely due to dirty pillowcases, phones, or anything else the cheeks come into contact with. In Chinese Medicine, the stomach is the origin of fluids so it is very important to stay hydrated just as was the case with the Kidneys.  

The Change: Again, remember to hydrate!  It is important to stay hydrated not only to nourish the organ’s functions but also to flush out toxins.  It is also important to steer clear from fried or processed foods as much as possible. When eating meals, it’s important to keep the focus of the meal on nutrition and keep the meals warm and easily digestible.  


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